Quick PSA: Keep an eye on those expiration dates

Not what’s in your fridge (but yeah, you need to keep an eye on those, too) – but when you’re out shopping.

I don’t know if it’s just my local market, but it seems that supply chain issues and changes in buying/ordering have resulted in stock not getting rotated nearly as often as it did in the past.

Went to get eggs yesterday and came very close to accidentally buying a dozen with a Use By date of today… And there were a lot of cartons like that.

Today I had to pop back in and thought it might be nice to have some ready cooked sausage patties – all with a Use By within 4 days. (I think next time I’ll just go straight to the frozen section.)

Like I said, it might just be something weird with my market right now, but keep an eye out, because it’s no fun to get home and realize 3 days later you have expired stuff.

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