Wendy’s Chicken Wrap

So, yesterday I got my hair done and I always grab dinner to-go afterwards, cause I can’t be messing up a new ‘do cooking dinner, LOL. (Also, Friday night, just did not want to cook.)

So, popped open the Wendy’s app and see they have a Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap. I have zero idea if this is new, or been around a while and I never noticed it. But as someone who really liked McD’s Chicken Snack Wrap, I had to give it a whirl.

It’s tasty!! And freakin’ HUGE. Had half last night, put the rest in the fridge and finished it off today.

Now, we all know fast food isn’t necessarily healthy – but this is what I would call a healthier option.

Tortilla, grilled chicken, some shredded cheddar, and lettuce – all reasonably decent things to eat. I did get the bacon add on – and I would recommend it, just adds a little more…IDK, goodness to it.

So, if you’ve seen it and hesitated cause you weren’t sure it would be any good – I can tell you, it is good!

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