Hoo boy, we gotta take a minute and talk about that interview…

I’m not going to link directly to Gwynneth Paltrow’s terrible interview about eating, because I don’t want to give it more oxygen, but if you saw it and it didn’t set off alarm bells or it has you reconsidering your eating habits – just stick with me here for a minute.

First, I am not a dietician or nutritionist – but I love food, I feel like I have a fairly healthy relationship to food and eating, and at least a little common sense.

Iced coffee for breakfast, bone broth for lunch, veggies for dinner, and IV’s for nutrients you can ALREADY GET IN FOOD – well, that ain’t it, kids.

Yeah, coffee isn’t breakfast, we’re pretty much all guilty of treating it that way – I know I am, so I’ll give a half pass on that.

Breakfast is important, but it doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be breakfast food! Slice of pizza? Leftover combination fried rice? Ready to go chicken caesar salad because that is what strikes your fancy at the moment? Grapefruit? Little bowl of pineapple? All can be breakfast cause they’re all food, just like cereal, eggs, english muffins and toast are all food.

Bone broth. Now, I know that people who like bone broth REALLY like it. But unless you’re dealing with stomach upset and all you can keep down is broth and toast, fine. But other than that – it’s not lunch on it’s own. Great base for a good soup, or stew, or ramen? Absolutely.

I know, time/energy/etc and trying to hit the sweet spot between “just enough fuel for the afternoon” and “oh no, food coma” is all hard – I’m not discounting that. But, please, have some lunch!

Veggies for dinner. Veggies are great! I should eat more! But if the rest of the day has no protein or carbs…

Remember – protein isn’t just meat. Nuts, beans, dairy, tofu, among others are all proteins and go well with veggies!

Carbs aren’t evil. Carbs are what your body uses first for fuel. Nothing wrong with pasta. A slice of good bread and butter alongside your chicken and lima beans? Well, I’d toast it and put some garlic butter on it. And you can’t have a great curry without rice.

I am lucky and self-regulate to an extent to boot. Fettuccine Alfredo one day? 9 times out 10, the next day my body wants a salad.

I know sometimes eating feels like a chore – we’re tired, and putting something together feels like scaling a mountain.

But it’s a gift to your body. Give yourself that gift, and give it with joy and kindness.