Quick PSA: Keep an eye on those expiration dates

Not what’s in your fridge (but yeah, you need to keep an eye on those, too) – but when you’re out shopping.

I don’t know if it’s just my local market, but it seems that supply chain issues and changes in buying/ordering have resulted in stock not getting rotated nearly as often as it did in the past.

Went to get eggs yesterday and came very close to accidentally buying a dozen with a Use By date of today… And there were a lot of cartons like that.

Today I had to pop back in and thought it might be nice to have some ready cooked sausage patties – all with a Use By within 4 days. (I think next time I’ll just go straight to the frozen section.)

Like I said, it might just be something weird with my market right now, but keep an eye out, because it’s no fun to get home and realize 3 days later you have expired stuff.

Wendy’s Chicken Wrap

So, yesterday I got my hair done and I always grab dinner to-go afterwards, cause I can’t be messing up a new ‘do cooking dinner, LOL. (Also, Friday night, just did not want to cook.)

So, popped open the Wendy’s app and see they have a Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap. I have zero idea if this is new, or been around a while and I never noticed it. But as someone who really liked McD’s Chicken Snack Wrap, I had to give it a whirl.

It’s tasty!! And freakin’ HUGE. Had half last night, put the rest in the fridge and finished it off today.

Now, we all know fast food isn’t necessarily healthy – but this is what I would call a healthier option.

Tortilla, grilled chicken, some shredded cheddar, and lettuce – all reasonably decent things to eat. I did get the bacon add on – and I would recommend it, just adds a little more…IDK, goodness to it.

So, if you’ve seen it and hesitated cause you weren’t sure it would be any good – I can tell you, it is good!

Practice What You Preach! :-D

Popped into the market this morning and realized, I need some veggies to snack on. Yep, low effort all the way. (The “light” dill dip is only because they were out of the regular…but it’s surprisingly decent!)

Shot of ready to eat cut up veggies and ranch and dill dips
Crunchy munchies!

Low effort food is OK!

In fact, I’d say it’s pretty great!

I have a job that has been beating the crap out of me lately, and it doesn’t leave much energy for well, anything.

But – ya gotta eat!

Pre-sliced cheese, aka “cracker cuts” – awesome and fit perfectly on a Triscuit! Good source of calcium and protein, and ready in moments. Grab a package of sliced salami and you’ve got yourself a charcuterie board! Cheese and Triscuits are one of my go-to’s when I’m at that “oof, I should eat” point.

Raw veggies and your favorite dip! It’s OK to get a ready to go veggie tray, especially if you’re like me and know you’ll never get around to actually cutting up full sized vegetables. And, the dip doesn’t take away any of the benefits of those veggies and if that dip makes you eat more veggies, then it’s worth it.

Frozen chicken patties. I really like these, cause in just a minute or two, I’ve got hot protein. I don’t even make sandwiches of them, just cut ’em up and have some BBQ sauce and/or mustard for dipping. And there are tons of variations on the theme out there – nuggets, strips, tenders and whatnot. All quick, tasty, and reasonably good for you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with low effort food and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it.