And sorry not sorry for yelling about it, because I am very, very happy. I am so very lucky that the market closest to my house is one of the bigger ones in my county, and it has so many good vendors. Over the years, it’s just gotten better and better.

I’d say it’s about 50% produce vendors, then 5 or 6 bakeries, two meat vendors, a seafood vendor, a coffee stand, and the rest is awesome local freshly prepared foods! We have:

– 2 empanada stands
– 2 pickled food vendors – from dill to kimchi, it’s there!
– Fresh pasta
– Jamaican food (New this year! Jerk pork FTW!)
– New Zealand meat pies
– Salsa and Tamales
– Quiche & rice dishes (we have paella for dinner tonight!)
– Chinese food
– Lebanese food

And they already have cherry tomatoes. I did absolutely hesitate buying May tomatoes – these are poly tunnel grown right now and they are pretty darn good! Not quite a June/July tomato – but waaaaaay better than anything I’m gonna find in the grocery store. I find it a bit hilarious what a tomato snob I’ve become in my old age, especially considering that I hated them as a kid.

I may have already had a tomato salad for breakfast.

So – take a look at see if you have a local farmer’s market! It’s a little weekly food festival, and who doesn’t like that?

A plate filled with cherry tomatoes ranging in color from red to golden yellow
Mmmm, tomatoes

Yay for frozen food!

So, I got hit with a stomach bug earlier this week (so far Covid negative, so, yay for that?) and it was a good two days where I was feeling better but basically afraid of food.

Finally yesterday I was hungry enough to overcome any food fear. But I also hadn’t had anything substantial for two days, so I was kinda weak and shaky. Mashed potatoes seemed like a good choice, but honestly, even the idea of measuring everything out to pop it in the microwave just seemed kinda daunting.

Then I remembered that last week I’d picked up some frozen roasted potatoes. They cook in the bag, and were ready in 5 minutes and I had a nice substantial lunch that got some much needed calories in my body.

Sometimes the most important thing is getting food in your body and anything that makes that easier is A-OK, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.