Yay for frozen food!

So, I got hit with a stomach bug earlier this week (so far Covid negative, so, yay for that?) and it was a good two days where I was feeling better but basically afraid of food.

Finally yesterday I was hungry enough to overcome any food fear. But I also hadn’t had anything substantial for two days, so I was kinda weak and shaky. Mashed potatoes seemed like a good choice, but honestly, even the idea of measuring everything out to pop it in the microwave just seemed kinda daunting.

Then I remembered that last week I’d picked up some frozen roasted potatoes. They cook in the bag, and were ready in 5 minutes and I had a nice substantial lunch that got some much needed calories in my body.

Sometimes the most important thing is getting food in your body and anything that makes that easier is A-OK, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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